This program was designed by music educators, for music educators. It is an efficient and easy way to keep track of assignments, form and information on each student. We encourage all parents/students to use CHARMS:

Log on to (website) – Click on ENTER/LOGIN tab on the right.

  • Under “Parent/Student/Members” , you should use the following school code: School code: MausMSBand
  • Then click on “Enter Student/Parent Area”. You will be able to access the Calendar, Handouts, Website and Email the Directors.
  • Next the screen will prompt you for your Student Password. Your ID is the 6 digit ID number you use at school. Type it in and press ENTER.
  • You will now be in the Maus Middle School Band Student Information Page. You should see your name at the top right of the screen!

We will only use certain aspects of the CHARMS program. Listed below are the areas we will use this year:

  • CALENDAR: The band calendar dates for the year in calendar format – can also be downloaded onto your smart device!
  • EMAIL DIRECTORS: You can email your band teachers!
  • HANDOUTS & FILES:  Files that pertain to all you and your class – great for printing out lost Practice Records!
  • INVENTORY:  Any instrument/equipment that is assigned out to your child
  • UPDATE INFO: All contact information on the student. This is ONLY accessible by you and by the directors. No other students will be able to see this information. This is the section we need all parents to double check and always monitor throughout the year when changes occur
  • CHANGE PASSWORD:  DO NOT change your password!!!  You may lose the ability to access CHARMS and your student account.

Click on UPDATE INFO and please update all sections, including the hidden parent tabs at the bottom. Please feel free to add email/cell phone for student. We must have cell phone numbers and email addresses for all parent/guardians for contacting throughout the year. Please also update or correct your birthday. Press UPDATE in the upper right hand corner when you are done.



Katie Lewis
Director of Bands

Lauren Solano 
Associate Band Director

Thomas Brink
Associate Band Director

Maus Middle School
12175 Coit Road

Frisco, TX 75035
Tel: 469-633-5270


Incoming 5th Graders! We hope you have come to this page in search of more information about the Maus Band Family!


Beginner Band is the first step to learning a musical woodwind, brass or percussion instrument. We are one of the largest organizations at Maus Middle School with 290 members! Band is a great way for students to develop leadership and social skills as well as belong to a group with team centered values.

You do not need to have any prior musical experience to participate in the band! Band music is versatile and we play many different types of music including concert, jazz, pop, classical, pep, and more!

Fine Arts education is incredibly supportive to fostering a well-rounded child. Benefits of being in band are: learning teamwork, responsibility, organization, multi-tasking, dedication, confidence and PRIDE.

Band students consistently have higher SAT scores than the national and state averages, and usually excel in the core subjects and in college. Band students also tend to receive more scholarships for college!

Considering the amount of time it takes to build all the skills necessary to master an instrument, most students begin band in the 6th grade as their elective. Students are able to enroll in more electives in the 7th and 8th grade.